Las mariposas "My neighbors don't like birds," my host mother said, tearing up another piece of bread and throwing it onto the patio. "But I do, so I feed them and blame it on the man next door." She smiled as she tossed more bread crumbs onto the porch. A tiny gray bird swooped down and... Continue Reading →


My flash fiction piece, "Voltage," is live in the 11th issue of Cleaver Magazine and can be viewed/read/printed/burned HERE, along with many other wonderful works of fiction and poetry that are also worth reading. This was the last assignment for my fiction class last spring taught by the illustrious David Samuel Levinson, a man I admire... Continue Reading →

No Pasa Nada

"No pasa nada." I hear this a lot in Spain. Translated in the most literal, anal-retentive way, it means "Nothing doesn't happen." But because Spanish is a wonderful language where double-negatives frolic freely without canceling each other out, a better translation would be "Nothing happens." But just as "What's up?" does not actually mean "What... Continue Reading →

A Spanish Breakfast

Victoria, my Spanish host mother, pushed a stool up to the kitchen counter for me. She’d laid out a box of what looked like Spanish-knockoff chocolate Rice Krispies, rectangular semi-sweet biscuits with “TOSTADOS” printed on the front, a bag of pre-toasted mini slices of bread, raspberry jam, a box of orange juice, a plastic-wrapped pair... Continue Reading →

How Youtubers Are Buying the Best Seller List

Zoe Sugg, an English internet celebrity known for her makeup tutorials and funfetti cupcake recipes, published her debut novel, Girl Online, in 2014. The YA romance discussing cyber-bullying and mental health sold 78,109 copies in its first week on shelves, more than any debut novel since 1998. Sugg's name appeared on both the New York Times... Continue Reading →

A Letter to Summer

Dear Summer, When I stepped off the plane and fell into your arms, I already hated you. You ripped away the cool Georgia mornings and blue skies over redbrick roofs. You stole the dinner conversations about last wishes and theories of time. You sent me across the ocean, back to the place where I lived before I... Continue Reading →

What is your dream?

Yesterday I came back to work, ready to unpack, sweep, and possibly spray another round of bedbug spray over my suite before the students came back on the bus, only to find that my keys were locked in the office and no one could let me in. I sat by the front desk and started... Continue Reading →

What if I never “make it”?

Imagine that you're 20 years old, starting your third year of college as a Creative Writing Major, and justifying your $30,000 loans to your parents with daydreams of making the New York Times Best Seller List. You know the statistics. You know that most books never sell more than 200 copies. Still, you imagine the... Continue Reading →

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