A Letter to Summer


Dear Summer, When I stepped off the plane and fell into your arms, I already hated you… (Read More)


How Youtubers Are Buying the Best Seller List

zoesuggThe fatal flaw in the logic of every celebrity who needs some “help” writing their book: the ideas are mine, so it doesn’t matter if I have some help with the writing part… (Read more)

What is your dream?


I think writers, by definition, are big dreamers… (Read more)



What if I never “make it”?

Walk of Fame Hollywood

Imagine that you’re 20 years old, starting your third year of college as a Creative Writing Major, and justifying your $30,000 loans to your parents with daydreams of making the New York Times Best Seller List… (Read More)



Being American Abroad

IMG_2904“We’re in Portugal,” I said. “We can’t get burgers.” (Read More)

When to play the “Foreigner Card” 

salamanca1Foreigners in Salamanca are called guiris. I don’t know if guiris give off a particular smell, but everyone seems to know that we’re not Spanish… (Read More)

The Best Day

IMG_1548The best day started at 5:00AM… (Read More)


IMG_1369“My neighbors don’t like birds,” my host mother said, tearing up another piece of bread and throwing it onto the patio. “But I do, so I feed them and blame it on the man next door.” (Read More)

No Pasa Nada

IMG_1395“No pasa nada.” I hear this a lot in Spain. Translated in the most literal, anal-retentive way, it means… (Read More)

A Spanish Breakfast

IMG_2764Victoria, my Spanish host mother, pushed a stool up to the kitchen counter for me… (Read More)

Writing Updates


High Voltage

My flash fiction story, “Voltage,” is now live in the 11th issue of Cleaver Magazine… (Read More)

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