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Hi, I’m Kylie! I’m a YA fantasy writer/traveler/cellist from Medford, Massachusetts. I have a B.A. in English/Creative Writing and Spanish from Emory University. My debut novel, THE KEEPER OF NIGHT, is coming out in Fall 2021 from Inkyard Press/HarperCollins. My writing has also appeared in The PuritanCleaver Magazine, and Plain ChinaI’m represented by Mary C. Moore of Kimberley Cameron & Associates

Here’s a lightning round of bullets telling you basically all you need to know about me:

  • I taught English to children in South Korea for a few years (and miss Korea every day!)
  • I regularly consume amounts of chocolate that should not be safe for humans.
  • There is no one on Earth who enjoys Halloween more than me.
  • No, I’m not sick, my skin is actually that white. Yes, I go outside (occasionally).
  • I’m 1/4 Chinese, 1/4 Japanese, and 1/2 Irish/really pale European. If I ever have $200 lying around I’ll do one of the spit-in-the-tube DNA tests and get back to you with more specific percentages.
  • Along those same lines: “Lee” is my mother’s maiden name and it’s Chinese, not English or Korean (in my case). No, I don’t think “Kylie Lee” sounds weird.
  • Every stereotype about awkward writers can safely be applied to me.
  • We can’t be friends if you like the Yankees. I don’t even watch baseball, this is just a Boston thing.

Here’s a picture of me, age 7-ish, trying to cram my massive feet into my grandmother’s tiny Japanese sandals (an apt metaphor for my life as a biracial Asian American):


And here are a few places I’ve had the privilege of calling home over the years:

Boston, where I grew up and have finally returned to after many adventures:

Mischief outside the MFA

Atlanta, where I studied for 4 years with the best friends I could ever ask for,


Salamanca, Spain, where I studied for a semester in 2016,


Seoul, where I lived and worked for 2 years.


…With more travels to hopefully come in the future.

My mailing list will consist of writing updates. The Korea blog has been archived.

Twitter: @KylieYamashiro

Instagram: kylieleebaker

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