About Me

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I’m a writer/student/traveler/cellist from Medford, Massachusetts. I have a B.A. in English/Creative Writing and Spanish from Emory University. My writing has appeared in The PuritanCleaver Magazine, and Plain China.

I’m passionate about building bridges across cultures through language education. Besides studying far too many languages, I also spend my time teaching English as a Second Language. I worked as an ESL tutor at Emory University and and English instructor for Tibetan monks in the Emory-Tibet Science Initiative, and am currently teaching English to elementary school students in Seoul through EPIK (English Program in Korea) . I hope to continue my career in ESL instruction and creative writing, using language and literature to transcend cultural barriers and catalyze social change.

Most of the fiction I write features Asian American characters. This is because, as an Asian American, I see the importance of changing the narrative surrounding Asian people and who we are told we are “supposed” to be. I hope to help diversify the literature available for young people and adults so we can all understand each other a little bit better.

Me trying to be Japanese, even though my feet are already too big for Asian shoes. I’m 50% Irish, 25% Japanese and 25% Chinese.

A few places I’ve had the privilege of calling home over the years:

Boston, where I grew up,

Mischief outside the MFA

Atlanta, where I studied for 4 years with the best friends I could ever ask for,


Salamanca, Spain, where I studied for a semester in 2016,


Seoul, where I currently live and work.


…With more travels to hopefully come in the future.

This website consists of updates on my writing, travels, and thoughts about anything/everything.

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Email me: kylie.anne.baker@gmail.com

Twitter: @KylieYamashiro

Instagram: kylieleebaker

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