A Letter to Summer

Dear Summer, When I stepped off the plane and fell into your arms,¬†I already hated you. You ripped away the cool Georgia mornings and blue skies over redbrick roofs. You stole the dinner conversations about last wishes and¬†theories of time. You sent me across the ocean, back to the place where I lived before I... Continue Reading →

What is your dream?

Yesterday I came back to work, ready to unpack, sweep, and possibly spray another round of bedbug spray over my suite before the students came back on the bus, only to find that my keys were locked in the office and no one could let me in. I sat by the front desk and started... Continue Reading →

What if I never “make it”?

Imagine that you're 20 years old, starting your third year of college as a Creative Writing Major, and justifying your $30,000 loans to your parents with daydreams of making the New York Times Best Seller List. You know the statistics. You know that most books never sell more than 200 copies. Still, you imagine the... Continue Reading →

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